bridal shop

What should I expect when I walk into my appointment at The Find Bridal?

You can expect an enthusiastic stylist ready to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams
for $1,990.

Wait, all the dresses are really $1,990?

Yes, every dress, regardless of the original retail price, is marked $1,990.

Anything I should know before I come in?

Here’s the thing, you should be ready to say yes to a dress when you come shop with us.
Because of the nature of our store (a bridal outlet) we can’t guarantee a dress will be here if you
need to think about it and come back another day. We are the perfect place to shop if you are
ready to find the dress of your dreams for $1,990 and take it home with you then and there!

Are these dresses used?

Nope! They are not preowned, they’re all floor samples that we’ve moved over to The Find
Bridal from Chic Parisien to make room for new inventory.
Speaking of Chic Parisien…
If you’re wondering about our affiliation with Chic Parisien, let us give you the skinny. The Find
Bridal is the sister store to Chic Parisien, a 50+ year old wedding boutique, one of the most
historic stores in all of Miami. We make room for new arrivals at Chic Parisien by transferring
over a selection of gowns for lucky brides to find at a very reduced price!

Do you offer alterations?

We do not handle alterations in-house but we are happy to send you off with a seamstress recommendation for a local expert.

Do you have different sizes in stock?

We carry one of each gown at a time. What you see on our racks is what’s available to find that day. Sizing is limited and varies depending on designer.

What designers do you carry?

You can find a list of our designers here.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final sale.

When do you recommend I start shopping for my wedding dress?

We believe that it’s never too soon (or too late!) to find your dress at The Find Bridal. If you’re
looking for a designer name, at a discounted price, start early, take your time and visit a few
times if that’s what it takes to find the perfect dress for you.

What happens after I say yes?

You take some pics! You drink some champagne! And you take your dress home!